beloved Matcha Tea

Hi there!

A few months ago I had a sip of the Matcha Latte from Starbucks. I liked it a lot but I forgot about it. Suddenly I came across it in a exclusive food market in Zurich. I didn’t bought the powder. Instead I decided for a tin with tea bags (which was still pretty expensive!). The producers name is “The Republic of Tea” and it’s a 100% organic.
Since then I’ve been drinking and enjoying it practically every day. It tastes a bit like the original green tea, but it’s much smoother and kind of sweeter.

Just a few days ago I googled it and realized how many positive effects it seems to have. The tea is said to be full of the vitamines A, B, C and E and has both cathechin and carotene.

In the morning or with a bite of dark chocolate (70% plus) I drink it with a bit of foamed milk.

MatchaTee Matcha Tea Tin


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