Som Tam Salad

Hello everyone!

Do you know the feeling, when you try a new meal and you LOVE it? The fantastic explosion in your mouth and the wish to create this delicious meal at home over and over again..?
I experienced that once again, when I had dinner with my boyfriend in one of our favorite asian restaurants. I ordered the Som Tam salad and suddenly fell in love with it.

Once I’d been happily in bed, I searched the internet to get an idea of how to make the salad. (I can’t cook according to a recipe… It’s to complicated for me! :-))
The next day I went to the supermarket and bought the ingredients.

That’s the way I do it: (Recipe’s for one person)

The salad:

1/2 unripe (very important) Papaya
2 spoons of peanuts
4 cherry tomatos
1 carrot
Coriander (if you like)
a handful of green salad

Prepare the salad and arrange it on a plate. Then peel the papaya and the carrot, cut them in very thin sticks. Chop the coriander and the peanuts. Use a towel or a little plastic film for the peanuts. Otherwise you have them everywhere but not on your plate.
Arrange the sticks, the peanuts and the coriander on the plate too.

The sauce:

1 spoon of thai red curry paste
3cl of vegetable stock
4 droplets of tabasco sauce
1/2 lime juice
1 spoon of liquid sugar

Mix all the ingredients together! Spread it over your already arranged salad.
If you like you can serve the Som Tam salad with grilled shrimps, chicken breast or salmon filet.


I hope you like it!



Som Tam Salad


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freelance journalist german teacher pilates instructor (Polestar Pilates) occasional model
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