10 reasons for a classic handbag


What do Grace Kelly, Jane Birkin, Jackie Kennedy and Alexa Chung have in common? Right, handbags! There is a small selection of handbags, which were named after these women and meant to become a classic, a fashion statement and a symbol of good taste and luxury. Every woman knows them, every woman’s dreaming of one.
Handbags are in my opinion the most rewarding accessoire. Of course they are an extravagant accessoire, but one, that’s worth an investment. Why?

Here come 10 reasons:

1. Whatever you want to take with you, they’ll carry it.
2. They pimp up your “jeans and white t-shirt”-look.
3. Even your leisure suit looks good with a beautiful handbag.
4. They’ll never get out of fashion. (That’s why it’s a longterm investment and this is a great reason for an expensive handbag!)
5. “A new handbag?” Your girlfriends will always slobber at the sight of your new investment.
6. They possibly last longer than a relationship. (Don’t put them on the ground, clean them from time to time, maintain the leather and they “live” up to 15 years.)
7. They are a statement everyone gets!
8. They boost your self-esteem.
9. If you can afford it, you did everything right!
10. You’ll never regret the purchase!

But there is a counsel: If you decided to buy a handbag, pick one with a classic colour. In my opinion there’s only one mistake you could make: Choose a seasonal colour (like pink, yellow, blue…).
Classic colours like taupe, black, beige, brown or grey look sophisticated and you won’t get bored of them.
Here are a few of my favorite bags – the ones I dream of. 🙂
But for the moment I’m very happy with my “Selma” by Michael Kors (it’s not in the picture).

favorite handbags
Jackie O. by Gucci
Knot by Bottega Veneta
Birkin Bag by Hermes
Noe by Louis Vitton
2.55 by Chanel


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