10 days in paradise

Hello everyone

No, I didn’t disappeare. I was in Tanzania with my family for ten days.

We made safaris, we ate delicious and very healthy food, we met nice travellers and natives. We spotted a lot of animals (not even “the big five”) and visited a Masai village.

We stayed in a lodge in Lake Manyara, we were driven to the Ngorongoro Crater, we flew to the north of the Serengeti, where we stayed in fancy tents for two nights and went further to the boarder of Kenya to another lodge, where we made a walking safari.
No TV, no gyms, not much internet connection, no makeup!

Words can’t express what I feel after this adventurous journey.

But there was one question bothering me:
I can’t remember when I didn’t work out for more than 5 days. So I was kind of worried about what happen to my body during this journey: I knew I had to get up very early in the morning after a noisy night (because of the animals) without much sleep. That strains a body – no doubt. But that didn’t worry me as much as the fact, that I couldn’t get the chance to move my body! Safari means sitting in a big vehicle, driving through beautiful landscapes, spotting every kind of animals and listen to the information your ranger’s giving you.
So the big question was: What will happen to my body and my fitness?

Before I went on the vacation, I spoke to my sport doctor, who I got to know, when I had a problem with my knee a year ago. He told me not to worry about that. The break could even have positive effects. “Okay”, I thought, “let’s go then!”.

Now, after these ten days I went to the gym expecting the worst…
BUT: The cardio and the muscle work out were no problem. I didn’t feel like a wrack!

What I’ve learnd:
1.) Even your body (physically) needs a break now and then.
2.) During vacation workouts and sport shouldn’t be a priority.
3.) A break is probably very welcome and has positive effects on your well-being!
4.) But don’t get lazy! That doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym every day after coming home.
      The best thing is: go regularly and try to include movement (taking the stairs, get out of the bus earlier and walk the rest to
destination ect.) in your everyday life.
5.) ENJOY what you do and what you experience! Life is short!!!!
and last but no least:
6.) NEVER worry about your fitness during vacations! NEVER! 🙂

photo 1, Ngorongoro photo 2, lions photo 3


About tesszuercher

freelance journalist german teacher pilates instructor (Polestar Pilates) occasional model
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