Jumping Jack in my 10 minutes workout


There are times, when you can’t make it to the gym. I know that problem very well! It sucks.
So I thought about a workout, which I could do at home. I bought my pilates circle, a theraband and weights of 1kg and 2kg. That’s all I need for my 10 minutes workout.


50 squats with the 2kg weight in each hand. (You know how to do them 😉 )
30 “sit ups” with the pilates circle, squeezed between your legs. (There is a post about that on my blog already)
10-15 triceps curls with the theraband
(Your starting position: stand as if you want to make a big step. Your back foot stands in the middle of the ribbon. Take one end of the theraband in each hand, hold it tight. Your upper arms are parallel to your ears and your forearm bent in a 90° behind your head.
The move: Now push up your forearms as far as your arm are in angle of 180° (=end position),
The move: lower them behind your head ’til you reach the 90° again (=starting position).)
10-15 biceps curls with the theraband
(Your strating position: stand upright in the middle of the ribbon. Hold each end of the theraband with each hand. Your hands are in front of your stomach in a angle of 90° to your upper arms.
The move: Move the forearms to your chest (= end position)
The move: Lower again towards the starting position)
40-50 Jumping jacks
(Your starting position: 1kg in each hand. Stand upright. Your hands with the weights are parallel to your hips.
The move: Now jump as you would do a jumping jack
The “end” position: the gap between your legs got bigger, your arms are parallel to your shoulder. DON’T go futher up with your hands. Otherwise it damages your shoulders! That move count as 1.
The move: Jump back (= starting position). That makes 2.)


Jumping Jack:10min Workout


About tesszuercher

freelance journalist german teacher pilates instructor (Polestar Pilates) occasional model
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