Blue Eyes thanks M.A.C. (in 4 steps!)


Last time I was in Zurich, I decided to get a few tips from a M.A.C. makeup artist . I was curious and I wanted to get some new ideas. So she got on her work for about 10 minutes. When I looked in the mirror I was suprised. Only four steps, no extra skills… I bought the 3 M.A.C. products: pro longwear paint pot “stormy pink”, the fluidline eye pencil and the eyeshadow “trax” and went home.

A few days later I had a dinner party. So I had to get it done on my one. And… Even I managed it and it looked really good. It’s so easy! And it doesn’t take longer than 10 to 15 minutes!
And this is the reason, why I want to share it with you!

– First step: Put the “stormy pink” with a pencile (like the black on the picture) on your eyelid.
– Second step: Now comes the eyeshadow “trax”. Make 2 little dots right and left of your eyelid with the eyeshadow applicator.
– Third step: Take a fluffly small pencile to blur it.
– Fourth step: To intense the look, take the fluidline eye pencil “metropolis”. Use it only for the outer angle of your eye (to make it look bigger).
(In the picutre with the instruction I took step 3 and 4 together.)
Don’t forget the mascara.



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