Hot protein chocolate

Hi everyone!

The angels of Victoria Secret hovered over the catwalk in London a few days ago. They were everywhere in the media. And as every year the angels were asked, what they do for their perfect bodies. All of them eat as healthy as possible during the whole year: Veggies, fruits, lean protein. Shortly before the big showdown: No carbs, no desserts – of course. In addition to that Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio and Doutzen Kroes did hard workouts. Day in, day out. And even harder a few weeks before the big event.

Adriana Lima admitted a few years ago, she would drink protein shakes to prepare herselfe and her body for the big day on the catwalk. (She’s the one who doesn’t any water 12 hours before the show!)
So I asked myself, how she could drink only protein shakes during the day for more than a week! I’ve tasted a few protein shakes already. None of them tastet really delicious. And it only took a few drinks ’till I couldn’t swollow it. It was awfull!

Well, seeing the beautiful angels everywhere – in magazines and on tv – I wanted to give protein shakes a second chance. So I googled and came across “Weider Premium Whey Protein”. It was said to taste great, pretty every review was positive. So I ordered it (flavour chocolat-nougat) and bought low-fat milk (1.5%).

I changed the mixture a bit. It says, you should put 30gr of the protein powder in 300ml of low-fat milk. That was to sweet for me. So I took 250ml of low-fat milk, 30gr of the powder and 50ml water.

And now I’ll disclose a secret. I heated the mixture of milk and water. There it was: my protein hot chocolate.

Awkward? NOT AT ALL, it tastet delicious. Honestly.
I’ve been drinking it before a workout for a week now. It still tastes good.

So… Ladies! There are protein shakes, which taste good and with which you feel a little like an VS-angel. Hihi



Weider Premium Whey protein



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freelance journalist german teacher pilates instructor (Polestar Pilates) occasional model
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