Bye-bye winter skin!

Hi everyone!

It got really freezing outside and sunny, bright days became a rarity. Women cover their noses in big, cuddly scarves and protecting their ears with a cap. Yeah, winter is here and Christmas about to come.
What I’ve noticed within myself is, that my skin looks awfully pale and exhausted during winter season. But I’m not the person, who wants to use extra make-up foundation to combat my winter skin. Lots of foundation makes your skin look unnatural. It’s like you’ve put on a mask.
My idea to solve my problem: tanning creme.
But as you know, there are many products, which promise to be the best and to give you nicest glow. A few good ones are really expensive, but the cheap ones aren’t always reliable. What they all have in common – expensive and cheap? They usually smell wierd.
So I’ve been straying around, looking for a good, not very expensive tanning creme. I came across: L’oréal’s “Sublime Bronze”.

It’s a gel. The texture is non-greasy and very light. You can use it as well for the face as the body. And the typical “tanning-creme-smell” isn’t that dominant.
I’ve bought it for a fair price and tried it asap at home.

The result: I like it. My skin gets a nice, reluctant tan, which is good basic for a little “day-make up”. I use it really often, especially in the evening after having washed my skin properly under my night creme. The smell isn’t dominant at all. It’s much better in this area as well then the products I’ve tried before!
Thank the “sublime bronze” I’ve found a weapon against this pale winter skin. Bye bye winter skin!

Enjoy the excitement for Christmas!

Xxx Sublime Bronze


About tesszuercher

freelance journalist german teacher pilates instructor (Polestar Pilates) occasional model
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