Cashmere Styles


Buying christmas presents, cooking sumptuous meals and having more or less peaceful dinners with all the family members – this is Christmas time, as well stressful as marvellous.

During the cold season I need nice, warm and cuddly clothes. A few years ago my mom introduced me to the world of Cashmere. Since then I really appreciate and cherish it.

Cashmere wool is very fine and soft. Scarfs, pullovers, twinsets or dresses are cuddly and warm, but expensive too. Well, if you pick a piece in a more or less classical colour or/and cut, you can wear it for at least 20 years. So, choose wisely!
During Christmas time I fall in love with Cashmere all over again. And no, I don’t think these pieces are just for old, wealthy ladies and gents.

But have a look for yourself!
Here come two looks with Cashmere pullovers.

The style on the right side I’d prefer for a dinner at your parents in-law’s house.
The one on the left I’d choose for the christmas dinner at my home, because it’s more casual.

Cashmere 4 Christmas

beige pullover: La Capra, Cashmere
white t-shirt: H&M
black trousers, waxed: Zara
jewellery, long necklace: EnSoie, Zurich
shoes: MAX shoes
grey pullover: La Capra, Cashmere
white t-shirt: H&M
rose trousers: Zara
jewellery, necklace: Mango
shoes: H&M


Enjoy the last few days of pleasant anticipation!




About tesszuercher

freelance journalist german teacher pilates instructor (Polestar Pilates) occasional model
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One Response to Cashmere Styles

  1. F(e)iona says:

    Very classy looks ❤


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