super-low calorie spaghettis

Hello everyone

I promised you an article about spaghettis with hardly any calories. Well, here it comes.

A few days ago I walked down the street to the café, where I was meeting my friend. Before I crossed the street a came across a big panel, where this was written: „NEWS: miracle noodle, 5 calories!“. I’ve heard about these kind of noodles before, but I never came across them in normal grocery stores.
In a second I knew: This was supposed to be the theme for my next blog article.

I bought one portion of the „miracle noodle“. The woman behind the cash register gave me the flyer with the description on top of my purchase.
After my coffee I went home. I studied this description and had a closer look on the spaghettis. They were white, layed in a plastic bag filled with a fluid. Honestly, it didn’t look appetizingly. Anyway: For 10 calories per content I had to try them.

But before I reveal how they tasted (without any sauce) and how I prepared them in hope for a nice and tasty meal, I want to give you some more information about these „miracle noodle“. Believing the description, all the products of the firm „miracle noodle“ on the roots of „konjac“, which is a plant in Japan and the base, on which „shirataki“ (the konjac-dough) is made out.

As so the products consist of 97% water and 3% glucomannan (a natural fiber) and therefore they have hardly any calories, means: 5 cal in 100 gramms.

The noodles are said to lower your cholesterol level and blood pressure, to work against diabetes 2 and adiposity, to stabilize your pH-value and to improve your gastric and bowel function. Wow… What else?
Oh yes, they contain, of course, no lactose, glutammat, wheat or soja.
And, yes, yes, yes: The are absolutely low-carb!


But let’s check them on their taste!
(Because their look isn’t as nice as their impact sounds!)

Preparation for the spaghetti:

– drip the water off
– rinse the spaghetti out for about 15 sec
– cook them in boiling water for about 1 minute
– drip the water off

The taste:

First of all: When you open the plastic bag, the water inside smells like fish. And this smell is obtrusively. I looked over it. I rinsed them for more than 15 seconds, because I wanna make sure, the fish stink didn’t turn up when I tried them. I cooked them shortly and put them on a plate. After doing that my mom came in to the kitchen. She had this look on her face… I could tell, something was really wrong. „What the hell smells so disgusting?“, she asked in alert. „I made those mircale noodles of which I’ve told you about.“, I said. „Oh honey… Good luck with that!“, she commented and left me and my noodles.
So my first remark about those „mircale noodle“-spaghetti is: They smell awful, but it gets better after they are cooked.

Then I tasted the spaghettis. Honestly, they were insipid. I wasn’t even disappointed about that fact. They never looked appetizing to me.
My second statement therefore: On a scale of 1 to 10, these spaghettis get a 2 for their taste. I imagend them as a part of a fried noodle dish or in an asia soup. But even then I would loose my hunger and appetite: They look gross in this plastig bag filled with this fluid, which stinks like a whole fishmarket. They have no taste at all. And after the preparation you have no wish for these spaghettis – even with a carbonara sauce!

I’m sorry, but these „mircale noodle“ – spaghettis don’t get on my plate again. I’ll rather ingest much more calories and carbs then eating these kind of spaghettis again.
But as you know: There’s no accounting for taste.

Have a great time! And if, then go for REAL spaghettis and for REAL taste! 😉


Mirale noodle spaghettis

For more informations:


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