Patches and more


As you know, I love to read the german edition of the magazin GRAZIA. Fashion, good stories, beauty stuff and VIP news – what else does a girl want? A few days ago I strolled through ZARA in Zurich. As usual I found a lot of nice pieces, but as you know as well, one can’t have everything. So I decided to buy a t-shirt with patches and black pants. I was smiling when I opened my beloved GRAZIA two days later: There was an article about clothers with patches: T-shirts, denim jackets, jeans.   PatchesT-shirt: ZARA

“Bull’s eye! Yes!”, I thought. But what’s my message in this post? When you go for very fancy and fashionable pieces like this t-shirt, don’t spend a large amount of money on it. It’s fashion, it’s a trend, it lasts a season. I really love this shirt (I’m wearing it right now 🙂 ), but I’m aware of the fact, that fashion fades.
I’m a student, I can’t afford expensive clothers anyway. But with ZARA I have so many options: There are chic pieces, there are fancy ones and there are those, which make a classy style. Even, if I had a fortune, I would go to ZARA. But, and here it comes, there are certain things, on which I  would definitivley spend more money. And here they come:

1) Bags (The reasons and the brands, you’ll find in one of my an older posts)
2) A watch (sporty, casual: Rolex, posher: IWC). But: I don’t consider a watch as jewellery. So I would never chose one with diamonds, in a small size or full gold!
3) Jewellery (popular classics: Trinity finger ring by Cartier, “Chaîne d’Ancre” by Hermes or for the younger women the “Return to Tiffany’s” bracelet by Tiffany’s & Co.)
4) A pair nice (sun) glasses. You should love yourself even with glasses. And they can be a very sexy accessoiry.
5) (Red) Lipstick. A red liptstick should stay on your lips and keep its intense color. (Bobbi Brown and Yves Saint Laurent are great)
6) Self tanning cream for the face ( I like the one by Clarines)
7) A good winter coat (lambskin or with down, I like mine by Woolrich)

Let’s sum it up: Fashion fades. As Coco Chanel said:

“Fashion is made to become unfashionable”

But that doesn’t mean, that you shouldn’t wear fancy pieces. Just make sure you spend the right amount of money for it. ZARA, Mango, H&M and COS are wonderful inventions for a small budget.
But there are certain things, which are indeed worth spending a litte fortune!

See you soon and have fun!



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freelance journalist german teacher pilates instructor (Polestar Pilates) occasional model
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