Flawless skin


Flawless skin is one of the most beautiful things a woman could have.
Therefore I’d like to suggest you a really good skin product today, which is very effective but doesn’t cost much. I’ve tested it myself and I’m very happy with the result.
I’m talking about the “Micellar Cleanser All-in-1” of Garnier.
It removes make up, cleans  and clams your skin.


A good friend of mine works for the L’oréal company  (Lancôme, Garnier and a lot of others belong to it). Therefore she knows the latest beauty trends and products very well. A few week ago she asked her girlfriends, me included :-), if they wanted to order some products, because she could get them for a very good price.
I heard of Garnier’s “Micellar Cleanser. All-in-1”. Along with other products I ordered it.
We met, talked and laughed, she also handed over my purchasings.
On the same evening before going to bed I took off my make-up – a procedure I do what ever it takes! As usual I used my face brush and after that I was excited to see, if my skin was as clean as I was hoping.
With a few drops of the “Micellar Cleanser” on a pad I cleaned my face a second time and was shocked. My pad was… Well, dirty.

Since then I’ve been using this product in the morning before I do my makeup and before going to bed after having removed the foundaction, blush and powder. The result? My skin got better, I haven’t got these little pimpels on my chin anymore.



About tesszuercher

freelance journalist german teacher pilates instructor (Polestar Pilates) occasional model
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