Straight hair – no damage

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I know I haven’t posted much recently. It took a while until I came across a new subject which is worth sharing it with you guys.
Weeks ago I found it, but at that moment I couldn’t write about it, because I wanted to test it and see, if it’s a good or a pretty unexciting new tool.
What I’m talking about? The latest hair straightener of Babyliss:
Babyliss iPro 230 Stem ST395E.

You’re disappointed? Don’t be. As I said, I wouldn’t post something that isn’t worth sharing it. So what is so great and new about this iron?
As you know mankind is pretty ambitious to develop and improve it’s “inventions” as quick as possible. What every woman knows about the hair straightener: Had it been used frequently you definitely have to expect brittle hair and a look that would remind you of a scarecrow. Dry, faint and dull hair were the result. But time goes by and progress was made, even in the hair tool section.
This new straightener is the latest tool by Babyliss. And it’s one of the first that uses steam besides the heat of the two ceramics. And that’s what makes this iron not as harming as the earlier ones. Because of the steam which you can switch on, if you filled the little container on one side of the iron, the hair manly gets straightend by that and not by the heat. This procedure protects the hair quality and allows a more frequent use -that’s what my hairstylist explained to me.

I care about my hair. A hair straightner was definitely nothing I would have used every day or even multiple times a week.
It did cost a little overcoming therefore to use this tool a few times a week. But doing that for about… 4 weeks, it  turned out, that it didn’t damage my hair! My hair shines, looks healthy and is very straight. You use it like you used every other iron before: Dry your hair with the hair dryer as usuall, then jam small part of your cover hair between the arms of de iron.

Straight hair without damage!

Because of the result and non-damaged look of my hair, I’m convinced that this is a very good hair tool – one that’s really worth sharing it with you.
And the price is tempting too: you can get it for 88.- Euros! For a straightener like this, that’s a great deal!

If one of my girlfriends would ask me, if and which hair straightener she should buy, I definitely would recommed this one!! And I love my girlfriends!

You’ll hear from me!!

Enjoy the summer!


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