Four for your arms

Hi there!

Sun, fun, leasure time, getting a tan… That’s what we love about this time of the year. But we never forget the “problematic area” of our body. We are women… We all love and hate one or another part of our body: Belly, butt, thighs or arms.

For today’s post I tried to get four easy exercises together, that tone up your arms and which you can do where ever you are.
They focus shoulders, your triceps, biceps and your chest muscles.
The following picture gives the instructions. The whole workout takes 5 minutes. Time everyone has during the day. As weights you can use a 1L waterbottle, actual weights or a heavy book. You can do the exercises with one arm at the time or you can use both arms at the same time – this saves even more time. But when you do so (2 arms), please pay attention to an upright posture!
Doing the second exercise you shouldn’t use both arms at the same time. This one every arm should get treated on it’s own. The best way to do this exercise is to support yourself against a table with the arm, that doesn’t work out.


Do the exercises slowly: 2 seconds for lifting or pushing up, 1 second to hold the position, 2 seconds to go back to the starting position, where you stop for 1 breath.

With these four “where ever, when ever exercises” you don’t have to be worried about your arm when you’re waving 😉 !!

Have fun!!



About tesszuercher

freelance journalist german teacher pilates instructor (Polestar Pilates) occasional model
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