Hulk said: “Train in sets!”

Hi everyone

During my vacations I began to wonder once again, why Madonna has these slim but muscular arms. How did she get them? What would be the best training? In the hotel’s gym worked an ex-bodybuilder. Of course I had my reservations asking him, what to do against my non-muscular-looking arm and what to do to get arms like Madonnas, because I surely didn’t and don’t want to end up looking like him. (He was huge!) But I knew he would be the one, who would – better than anyone one else – know how to train.

So I asked the „Hulk“ feeling like a small girl next to him: „Excuse me. I have to know how I have to work out to get slim, but muscular arms. You know… Like Madonna! What is the best way?“
Hulk smiled and told me to let go of the fear of getting big arms. Woman can train really hard but in the first place they get slim, nice sculptured muscles. „It needs a huge amount proteins and healthy other foods, even protein shakes, to build up huge muscles.“, he soothed me. Then he took me to the machines, where he revealed the secret:

„Train in four sets. But there are two ways. Number 1: Choose a weight you manage to lift or push twelve times – maximum.“ Which means:

Go for twelve repetitions, stop. After the 12. repetition in the first set you shouldn’t be able to do another. After the first set you should try to reach as many repetitions (12 max) with the same high weight as possible. It doesn’t matter if you can do twelfe anymore, but get to your limits for each set.

„Or you do „supersets“, which means you do as many repetitions as possible with a high weight for the first set, reduce the weight a little for the next and so one until you did your four sets“, Hulk said.

Until than I try to do my muscle workouts “the Hulk’s way” in the gym. And I have to say, that it works. But it burns like hell!

But still, and that was the second secret Hulk revealed, nutrition is most important thing for a sexy body and nice muscles.
Got it, but I can’t always translate it into action… There are so many temptations and nice occations, you know, what I’m talking about. 🙂

Take care and be the best version of yourself



About tesszuercher

freelance journalist german teacher pilates instructor (Polestar Pilates) occasional model
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