Jewerly that every girl wants and/or should have

Hi everyone

I’ve had this post on my mind for a long time. But the pre-christmas time didn’t seem to fit for it. It would have brought your boyfriends and husbands into hot water. Now, after the holidays and at the beginning of a new year, I want to share this with you. It’s about jewerly. Girls, if we’re honest, we love jewerly. Expensive or just fashion jewerly – a little sparkle makes us happy.
In my opinion there are some trinkets, that every girl should have or wants to have. In these cases it’s worth paying a high price and go for the expensive materials, because these pieces will last forever!

What am I talking about specifically?


1) Well, I’d recommend to you to save and than invest your money in a Swiss watch, such as Rolex, IWC or Patek Philippe. But don’t go for the diamonds there! It’s a watch, not a actual jewerly!

2) Diamonds are the girls best friend: Yes, they are. And a diamond is the strongest material you could find. So it will last forever AND a day. As Earrings, in a engagement ring or as a pendant on a chain –  they are a dream and they fit to every outfit, even to jeans and a white t-shirt.

3) The trinitiy ring by Cartier is one of the most meaningful jewerly you could have. Made of three rings – gold, red-gold and white-gold – it means: love, faith and friendship. Which girl wouldn’t wish to get a ring like that?

4) The classical bracelets of Hermes and Tiffanys & Co.: First is for Mami, the second one is for the lovely daughter when she turns 16. Two pieces, that should be missing in a casket.

5) Pearls… Queen Victoria wore them always and forever. And we all know, that she was a very strong, successful and independant woman. As earrings or/and as a necklace they look perhaps conservative. But pearls belong to the jewelry equipement of a woman. They convey the impression of a woman, who has class, self-respect and had a good bringing-up.

Here’s the picture  of what jewelry I just talked about.



It’s just a selection, but I think you’ll find some of the really important trinkets here, which are classical and stand for a certain style. Always remember: Shoes bite the dust, jewelry lasts and can be passed on to the daughters. They are a life time investment. Think about that, when you don’t know, whether to buy these designer shoes or to save the money to buy yourself or your girlfriend a nice piece of jewelry. And now you know, which one it should be.  😉

Have fun!!




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freelance journalist german teacher pilates instructor (Polestar Pilates) occasional model
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