A matter close to my heart!!

Pay attention!

Gosh, I was aware of the fact that there was a discussion about the declaration of the materials clothes are made of. According to the agreement you can read on the etiquette in your Woolrich coat or in your bonnet now, that there are “non-textile parts of animal origin” in it. Well, in other words: You’re buying and gonna wear fur, real fur.

I found out that most of these furs origin from the so called “raccoon dog”- a wild dog race. In China they are held in little cages, they are badly treated, even physically abused and they suffer from hunger, worst conditions and injuries. And now you have to be strong: Some of them are skinned alive!
SRF published a documentation about it: http://www.srf.ch/news/schweiz/pelz-deklaration-am-pranger

But not only that, there’s the possibility, that you wear even a pet dog’s fur!!! That was discovered just recently in Germany. So even today’s declarations are not clear enough!

These facts are shocking. And we, even as fashion victims, should pay more attention when we buy vlothes with (fake or real) fur. Just knowing you wear non-textile parts of animal origins is not enough. Ask what kind of fur the clothes are made of. If you don’t get a serious answer, you shouldn’t buy it.

I have to admit, I made this mistake. When I bought my Woolrich jacket, I asked the vendor, if this is real fur. He said: “No! I don’t think so!”
Now, after this discussion in the media, I’m sure I wear real fur. Probably even racoon dog!!!
And I hate myself. How could I be so stupid, so naive?
I’m thinking about putting the jacket away. I’m… dissapointed – in myself and the industry.
And as a “mother” of a Pomeranian I’m concerned about  animals and their abuse! I don’t want to support it by buying this stuff without knowing what it’s made of!! I want to know the truth.

Knowledge is power!! I learned my lession and according to it, I’m going to act…
There is a webpage that lists every retailer, which sells fake fur, real fake fur!
Here it is: http://www.furfreeretailer.com/

Please, everyone, pay attention, what your clothes are made off and help to eradiacte the cruelty for the production of fur!

Thank you for reading and sharing this!








About tesszuercher

freelance journalist german teacher pilates instructor (Polestar Pilates) occasional model
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