a hot look even during cold days

Hello everyone

It’s so cold out there. Sunshine makes itself scarce, clouds are hanging over the town, it damps everyone’s spirit. I can’t stand it.
Therefore it feels even better to wear a great look. Hot, cool and hip, but still accurate to the weather.
Well, here I’d like to present you my favorite look:

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 I wear olive jeans (ZARA), a crop top (ZARA) and a long blazer (ZARA, long ago).
The combination of a short shirt and a longer knit or blazer or even a sweater provides t a very sophisticated appearance. That’s why it could be suited as a work outfit too (not in a bank or an insurance company, but in a more creative section, it’ll work).

What I like about it the most is: You won’t feel cold inside and outside. Because you could whip on a jacket or a coat and doff it of, when you’re inside. If you’re feeling to hot, just undress the blazer or the long knit.
Your outfit will still look fabulous.

And here is the rule I never forget: If you’re going for a more sexier piece, combine it with something conservative or a more covering item of clothing. That’s how you can be sure you’re not showing to much skin or convey the impression you’re desperately looking for a man (for a night).

For the all over look:
I would do my hair in a ponytail, wear only mascara and a little kajal and red lips. The ponytail looks pretty plain, but the red lips on the other hand are very catchy.
Honestly, that’s exactly the way I wanna enter a room: Feeling sexy, wearing a hot look, but always with proud and a very respectful attitude.

This post’s message shouldn’t be: Buy these things!
You should get the idea of dressing sexy and hot, but never showing to much.

Have fun!


About tesszuercher

freelance journalist german teacher pilates instructor (Polestar Pilates) occasional model
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