Build strengh, get lean & use your major muscles

Hi there!

I reflected intensly about posting this here. It’s nothing new, it’s nothing special, but I’m convinced by it and would recommend it even to my girlfriends. Therefore I decided to write about it.

Since a few weeks I participate in a group fitness class every sunday. I never thought I would do that: all these people, not much space, a lot of sweat, no idea about the moves. But at the time when I tried to persuade my boyfriend to purchase a suscription for the gym, I needed a good argument. I knew “Bodypump” a little. He too. So I proposed to join the Bodypump class with him, so we would spend time together, had more fun during the workout and could motivate each other.
It worked…


What’s “Bodypump”?
As the word reveals it’s about a full body muscle workout. A step, a barbell and different weights is all you need and all of that stuff you’ll get at the gym. During 55 minutes you’ll train every major muscle while performing pretty simple exercises, which are shown by the instructor. You’re able to choose the weight you’re sure to be able to handle during the sets. Triceps, biceps, legs, back and shoulders get lean and toned in separate sets and accompanied by good, motivating songs.

What are the benefits?
You’ll have to face a lot of repetitions, but that’s exactly what you need to do, if you wanna get in shape. This is just the issue everyone has during musle workouts: We don’t push ourselves to the limit, when we’re doing our workouts alone. A class is therefore the best thing: You can’t walk away, you’re not giving up so quickly, you’re sure to work out during a certain period of time with concentration and very focussed. And that’s what you need to get toned and lean.

How does it work?
Your instructor stands in front of the class performing every exercise and giving advices how to do them right and how much weight beginners should take. He or she’s the one, who also tells you how fast or slow you have to perform the exercises. It’s simple, you’ll get it during the first session. I did too.

I love workouts, I do a lot of cardio and Pilates. But I need Bodypump to be sure to reach my limits once a week and train like “Hulk said” (another post of mine); hard, longer, in sets, with concentration and focussed on what I do and how.
The best thing is the feeling after the session. You’ll feel your muscle and you’re tired. Your muscles ask for recovery. You know what you’ve done and how hard you worked out – this feeling is great. And on top: Your mood will hit it’s  daily high, that I can promise!

Try it! Maybe you like it, maybe it’s not yours.
I have fun, I feel results and I would, as I said, recommend it to my best friend.


“See” you soon!




About tesszuercher

freelance journalist german teacher pilates instructor (Polestar Pilates) occasional model
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