Bikini shopping in Ascona

Hi there!


I just came back from a short trip with my beloved “Mamita” (that’s what I call her). We stayed in nice Hotel by the lake in Ascona. The little village by the lake “Lago Maggiore” belongs to the Italian speaking part of Switzerland, where the weather is much better and the people less stressed.
We enjoyed the sun, the high temperature, good food and the “piazza”, where we strolled this morning to digest the heavenly brunch.

Since two or three years there’s a little shop called “Magnolia Beach Shop”. It sells a huge amount of lovely bikinis and beach wear. If you were looking for flip-flops , you’ll find it there. If you were looking for a nice “toga” to cover the bikini, you’ll need some time to make the right choice. Every single piece looks great, the materials are really good and the prices are not that high. Honestly, they are great.

Every time I’m in Ascona, I go there. The owner is a wonderful and gentle woman with great taste (in my opinion). The atmosphere is just… nice! You feel so amazed when looking through all those bikinis, togas, flip-flops,  beach bags and accessories. Oh dear… I have to admit: I just loooove this tiny store.

Take a look!

IMG_1544 IMG_1545

I mean… You’re just happy looking at those colours and then the selection of clothes… Just: Wow!

So: If you’re going to stay in Ascona or near by, make the experience of shopping a bikini or something else in the “Magnolia Beach Shop”. It’s a beach clothes’ paradise!
The pictures are telling it, right?

And if you’re interested, but you know, you won’t hit that place… Don’t be sad. Even tough you can’t experience the store “live”, you’re able to rummage in their online-shop:


Have fun scrolling through the store soon or through their online store!





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