3 super foods I couldn’t live without…

CocoChiaGojiHere they are:

Coconut water, chia seeds & goji berries

Coconut water is water under the bridge… I know. But I before I got to this label I tasted a lot of coconut waters. Some of them taste awful, really… A friend of mine I often come across in the gym told me to go with this label. It was the best, she said. And it’s true.
Coconut water shouldn’t be mixed up with coconut milk! It contains between 16 and 18 calories per 100ml and the taste is mild. The juice originates from the young, green coconut. It’s perfect as a thirst quencher after a workout because it’s the natural version of any isotonic drink and therefore much healthier.

Chia seeds... You probably heard a lot about those small, black seeds which are similar to poppy seeds. I love to add them to a yogurt or put them over my avocado (after having placed them in a little water, so they swell). The taste not very specifically, but their benefits are great: high in omega 3 fats, contain magnesium, kalium and iron, they have twice as much protein then any other grain types.

Last but not least: My beloved goji berries. Aw, the taste sweet. But they also contain sugar, natural sugar because you buy them in the dried version. Anyhow. In this case sugar is ok, because the benefits are just to good to be true: vitamin C, E and iron are contained. They could prevent you from macular degeneration and the support those cells which fight cancer cells. So… Tasty and that good for your immune system?! Just awesome, right? BUT: They have to be organic!!!!
So I shared my  secret health boosters with you.

I hope you like them or try them sooner or later!

Take care!




About tesszuercher

freelance journalist german teacher pilates instructor (Polestar Pilates) occasional model
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