Zurich’s finest

Hello from and to Zurich

No, this post won’t be about food, beauty or a workout.

Today I wanna write about all the nice (new) things Zurich has to offer.
Workouts, nutrition, fashion, beauty – I love these topics, but I’m living a beautiful life in Zurich, for which I’m very thankful for: I work as a teacher in a school and at weekends and a few nights during the week I truly enjoy this wonderful city with it’s great spirit.

It is a comparatively small city, but as you will realise, when you’re stay here for a few days, you got cool fashion shops, malls, clubs, restaurants, coffee shops, jewelry and gift shops near by. It maybe seems boring, but this city is developing non-stop. Sometimes I’m surprised how such a small city is able to keep up with large cities. Sure you can’t compare Zurich to New York, but there’s this business-minded, stressed, hip spirit mixed with the gracious and healthy living.
That’s why a group of girl, including me, met each other, when there boys were in France visiting the European soccer championship.
This fact shows, how young women in Zurich live these days: They stay together, laugh together, talk about serious topics as the world’s problems or fears, the have a few drinks by the way and enjoy the security of this town even in the nights.

But now I lost track of what I really wanted to post. Anyway… Here are a few of my favorite spots in Zurich:


Restaurants/Bars/Coffee shops:

Puro: Just opened it’s doors a few weeks ago, serves healthy food, has a terrace.http://www.simplypuro.ch/the-social-club

Apo-theke: A little coffee shop close to the university of Zurich, where the hipster and  health-consious students grab their coffee or lunch. http://www.apotheke-zh.ch/

Milchbar: a nice, small, self-served coffee shop. I love the atmosphere there. http://www.milchbar.ch/

AURA: a upper class restaurant with asian fusion food. Pretty expensive, but delicious. Has a bar and a club too. http://www.aura-zurich.ch/

Latino: one of my favorites when it comes to italian food. Not in the “business district”, but in the hip and pretty expensive part of Zurich called “Seefeld”. Very good food, fair prices (for Zurich…). It’s a hotel too. http://www.hotel-seegarten.ch/

Tiffins: Also in the “Seefeld” you’ll find a great asian restaurant, but the atmosphere there is not as comforting as their food. But still: Once a month you’ll find me there. http://www.tiffins.ch/index.cfm#1001000

Seerose: By the lake, for all of you who want to spend a little more money on good food, there’s the restaurant Seerose. People also get there with their boats. http://seerose.dinning.ch/#home

Ojo de agua: As it’s name says: an Argentinean restaurant with only a few meals, high quality meat of the owner’s beef. Small place!!

Madonna: a restaurant with black/dark interior, good Italian food and a small terrace just by the Sihl (a creek). http://www.madonnabar.ch/



Jelmoli (mall): You’ll find a wonderful food section, a big beauty and jewelry section, a floor for mens fashion, one for women, ZARA has a little shop there, you can buy high standards for your bedroom and bath and there’s a really cool and big section with everything a sports fan wants, even a small Nike store.

Brandy melville: Has a store by the “Hechtplatz”. I like their style, but most of the clothes are not really made for work.

Scotch & Soda: Store near by the “Bellevue”. Cool stuff, nice store.

Ana Blum: Is a little boutique in the district of Seefeld, where you find nice leather bags for a very good price, accessories, purses, make-up bags and some clothes or interiors. This store is a insider’s tip, for real. 

The “Niederdorf”, the historic town of Zurich, has a few small, relatively unpopular stores, in which you’ll find nice clothes and shoes. On “Bahnhofstrasse” you’ll find all the big names; Louis Vuitton, TODS, PRADA, Rolex, ZARA, Mango, H&M, Thomas Sabo, Massimo Dutti and so on and so forth.

But the store, you really have to visit, is: EnSoie. It has established it’s own, recognizable style of porcellan, fashion and jewelry. If you wear their clothes, jewelry or you own an Ensoie-vase or plate, every Zurcher (as we call ourselfs) will recognize it. This is a must. But expensive. The family opended a few years ago a second store in LA. https://ensoie.com/


I visited a few cities in Europe and North America. But none of them is as small, but international as Zurich. This is my home, this is where I come from and what feels like home. And… My family name means: I’m a citizen of Zurich. So… What do you expect?


Map of Zurich (District 1)

source: https://files.ifi.uzh.ch/rerg/arvo/esec97/images/central_area_map_zh.jpd






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