Polish… Nail Polish

Hello everyone!


I allowed myself a summer break. Now I’m back and the kids have to go back to school so do the teachers. In the meanwhile I was studying for my Pilates degree and did  a few workouts, power yoga included. A post about power yoga is coming up soon. Anyway.

Summer time reminds very woman of their toenails and that they need as much – or during summer even more – attention as every other, more public inch of our body.
I’m not into pedicure or manicure. I don’t wanna spend hours in a beauty salon while the sun is shining and everyone sips a cool drink on the beach or in a fancy bar. So I went on search for e nail polish, which should (be): – simple to apply
– last more than 3 days without flaking off
– have a nice texture

We all know O.P.I. or Essie. But there’s a rather new brand (in switzerland) called: Sally Hansen. The problem is: You won’t get it in every store. I found a nice selection in the drug store in Küsnacht. I bought a nude colour, because that matches every outfit.

I applied to layers (not using a top coat or base coat). That was even easy for me. It had this gel-texture like look, which I adore.
So… It looked great, but I doubted, that the polish would last longer than a few days with pool sessions, workouts, socks, sandals…
Well, well… I was wrong. It looked great for two weeks! I was positively surprised and really happy!
And I can tell you: The Sally Hansen “miracle gel” polish lasts great on your fingernails too! It’s a great product; easy to apply, long-lasting, nice texture. I’d recommend it to every of my girlfriends.

Oh! And there’s an extra now. Sally Hansen has a top polish, which makes the look even more “voluminous”. I’m happy to announce: I’m hereby a Sally Hansen Fan!

Go and check it out! Have fun!

SallyHansen_ProdukteQuelle:  http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-K-4R0O1p5cI/VYaZirhFOiI/AAAAAAAAW5s/_AzN7kwN794/s1600/SallyHansen_Produkte.jpg

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