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I needed a little more inspiration time then I thought. Sorry for that! But this post is about something I really believe in.
Do you have this nasty little cravings about 4 to 5 pm? Do you reach for an apple and don’t feel satisfied? Well, than you’re on the same point I WAS.
About the time I mentioned I often feel empty, slightly hungry and idly. Fruits are healthy and contain a small amount of calories I thought. I choose to eat an apple, a kiwi… But I wondered, why I still felt hungry and not satisfied. So I asked a nutrition consultant, what she suggests to do against these nasty cravings, which makes at least me pretty grumpy.

She had a very simple answer: “Go with those Chiefs protein drink. You get them in Coop (a supermarket in Switzerland). They have no fat and are a good source for protein.”

Aha! But I’m very picky when it comes to drinks and their tastes. Urgh, I tried a lot of bad protein shakes and other beverages. But I stayed optimistic and bought a chocolate Chief and one with the flavor of mango. I tried them both. Chocolate didnt tickle my palate, but the mango-flavored Chief was tasty!

“Protein is good for our muscles, it keeps your insulin at a average level and it prevent binge eatings”, the consultant explained to me. Well, I knew that stuff before, but wasn’t able to transform the knowledge into a solution for a “problem” in my real life.

Since then I overcome my carvings on afternoons with a few sips or a whole Chiefs protein drink. And since I’m not that hungry at 7 /7.30 pm, I don’t overeat at dinners that often anymore.
Try it yourself! It’s worth it!
And: The soccer player Breel Embolo is the face of the Chiefs protein drinks. Have a look into the interview and a clip. http://www.coopzeitung.ch/Breel+Embolo+ueber+Chiefs



Enjoy the autumn!




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