A New Year’s Pilates Flow



I hope you had a wonderful christmas with all your beloved ones and enjoyed a great new years party.

For this post I tried to find a good, relaxing and still challenging exercise. It took some time but last night I got the idea and I have tested it today. I think it’s a good exercise  either to relax and to calm down or as a pre- or post-cardio-session-exercise.

The following picture shows you how the different positions look like. Futher down that I give you instructions, how to perform the exercise correctly.

A pilates flow

1:   Face down. Place your hands right next your chest.

2:   Your view wanders over the floor to the wall vis-à-vis of you. Press your hands into the  mat, push your upper body up. Chest and elbows have to stay as close as possible. Imagine there’s a pencil between your shoulder blades you have to jam. Your shoulders are relaxed and the space between them and your ears is as large as possible. Suck you bellybutton in to provide a hyperlordosis.

3:   Lift your butt to the ceiling while pushing your upper body close to your legs in order tp feel a stretch. Let your weight sink into your arms and hands. Your arms stay straight. You’re looking at your knees. Stay in that position for 10 breaths.

4:   Walk forward with your hands sto get into a normal plank position. Make sure your butt gets low enough, but by all means prevent a hyperlordosis. Pull your shoulders towards your lower back. Stay in this position for another 10 breaths too.

5:   Let your upper body sink while keeping the plank-position as if on the way down of a regular push-up. Your elbows have to stay as close to your chest while sinking back to the mat. (If you’re looking for a challenge, do 4 slow push-ups here)


I hope I could explain the exercise good enough so you can unterstand it.
Let me know, if you liked it or not. 🙂




About tesszuercher

freelance journalist german teacher pilates instructor (Polestar Pilates) occasional model
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