man’s greed

Hello everyone

Today I want to share with you a very sad topic.
You probably know about the overfishing of our ocean. Therefore you may don’t consume tuna without knowing that this fish is threatened with extinction! Man is greedy. We love sushi, we want to eat sushi whenever we’d like. We love chicken, we eat chicken whenever, wherever. We don’t think about the consequences of our greed.

I HOPE you are aware of the grievances: Mass maintenance, antibiotics, agonies, a short life only to die and be served as a steak. Because mankind loves meat and is able to do it. Lions, tigers, sharks, crocodiles – they’re elegant killers, part of the nature and its ecosystem. The only killer of man and the world… It’s us: the human being homo sapiens (sapiens means science in latin… We should know BETTER, we should do better! Our name calls us a being with knowledge. If only we’d actually act as good as we are informed. 

I love animals! The safari my family and I made, the dog I pet, the documentaries I watched made me pay more attention when it comes to meat. I try to make sure where it comes from and I try to pay attention how the animal was treated before it died. I TRY, I read, I get informed… But: the meat is more expensive.

Only a few hours ago I came across a documentary starring the german actor “Hannes Jaenicke”. It was about sharks and their role in the ocean and on our plate.
Not only he revealed how many tons of sharks (10’000s!!) are fished and sold but he also focused on what that means for the world and us. Sharks are fished because the fish population can’t recover as quick as the consumer demands. The oceans are becoming empty. Sharks have to fill this gap. And their fin is a delicacy; for now only in Asia…
In Germany, France, Spain… You come across shark meat under different names. I found a list with many of the names in different languages. (

Not only are sharks threatened to become extinct, they are the police of our oceans and if the system doesn’t work normal anymore, we not only have no more fishes, the world’s ecosystem collapses! And in the shorter term we may get seriously sick. Because of all the waste we dispose in the ocean the shark’s meat shows a high level of methylmercury – which is very toxic, 100 times worse than mercury!

This is a serious call to my dear followers to rethink their shopping behavior when it comes to meat – fish or mammal!
Mother world gave us all those precious landscapes, reefs and animals – we should try to maintain what we have, not destroy it while knowing that we’re wrecking it!




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freelance journalist german teacher pilates instructor (Polestar Pilates) occasional model
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