1 pair of shoes + shoelery = huge variety of shoe-styles!


Guys, this is a thing I’ve waited a long time

But first: Hello everyone!

Women love shoes and shoes love women – that’s in the nature of things, it’s an unwritten law.
Often I have the problem that I have to work during the day as a teacher, wherefore high heels are pretty out of place (to loud, to fancy, to provocative), and having an after-work-dinner with friends.  Therefore I put on honest ballerinas: They don’t make that tick-tick-tick-sound while walking through the classroom, they look proper during day and in the evening, they don’t ruin an outfit, but they aren’t inventive. Most of them are boring. Ladies, now I came across a really cool accessory named shoelery.
This name contains those to words women love the most: shoes and jewelry. Is there anything that could top that?
Those sweet little pieces have on their back a little clip. So now, when I leave the school I pull them out of my bag, clip them in the back of your shoe or on top of the sole and your shoe looks ready to party.
In Zurich you’ll find them at Jelmoli. An other convincing detail about this kind of jewelry is their price: 60.- CHF/piece (contains 2 clips, naturally). That’s not much, if you think about how big the variety of shoes you own because of these clips, right?

Classy, practical and a little uninventive during the day, sparkling and fancier at night in one step thanks to shoelery. So cool!




About tesszuercher

freelance journalist german teacher pilates instructor (Polestar Pilates) occasional model
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