About me and my blog


This is my blog about fitness, food, beauty and some fashion. Welcome!

Since I was a school kid I loved to write… I’m really into fitness too, I like good food and a few years ago I became really interested in fashion. My dream was to get Carrie Bradshaw’s life… Writing my own column, having fun with your girlfriends, living life with it’s ups and downs…
But reality is not Hollywood…

As a freelance journalist I collected some writing experience. As a german teacher (studied german language and literature in Zurich) I got to know a few other details, which are helpful to write.
And sports… We’ll sports and workouts are my positive poison during my free time. When The Victoria Secret models became my idol – an idol I won’t get neat to it ever…
But it makes me feel comfortable with my body and gives me self-confidence. I play Tennis, do Pilates and I try to go to the gym two or three times a week (doing cardio, train on machines, go to Bodypump and Yoga classes). Therefore I created a category called “fitness”.
And since october 2016 I’m offically a Polestare Pilates trainer.

I was 16 when I began to read everything about workouts and nutrition. I try to eat as healthy as possible but always with pleasure and joy. My motto: “everything in moderation and sometimes a little more is ok too”. Wanna get some recipe ideas? Maybe you find something in the category “food”.
Step by step fashion became a passion too… Kendall Jenner, Kate Moss, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Bar Refaeli, Cara Delevigne are the women, who inspire me.
My opinion: “Give your appearance the look it deserves!”In perfect outfit you don’t even feel like a goddess, you look like one! I’m not really a fashionista but a good outfit makes me self-confident. And if I find something that makes my heart skip a beat I gonna post it in the category “fashion”.
Theres another thing, women often negate: Every woman is somehow beautiful. And beauty products can bring out the goddess in all of us: glowing skin, smooth lips and shiny hair. For the category “beauty” I’ll be on the lookout for some beauty goodies and secrets, which I really wanna share with you.

Months ago I decided to combine my passions… That’s how this blog awoke to life…

I hope you enjoy it.



5 Responses to About me and my blog

  1. kutukamus says:

    Hi there. The reading area is just about half the screen’s height here. I guess it gives the readers some unusual feeling when scrolling down. Just some [onsolicited] feedback. Cheers! 🙂


  2. Laura says:

    Dear Tess

    Congratulations to your wonderful blog! We at Teaser Magazine would be very much interested in colaborating with you and promote your talent and web presence. Do you have a personal mail account where we can give you further information?

    Feel free to contact me under redaktion.teaser@outlook.de
    Greetings, Laura


  3. Laura says:

    Dear Tess

    Congratulations to your beautiful blog! We from Teaser Magazine woud be very much interested in colaborating with you and promoting your talent and your web presence. Do you have a mail address where we can send you further information?

    Feel free to contact me under redaktion.teaser@outlook.com
    Greetings, Laura 🙂

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