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man’s greed

Hello everyone Today I want to share with you a very sad topic. You probably know about the overfishing of our ocean. Therefore you may don’t consume tuna without knowing that this fish is threatened with extinction! Man is greedy. … Continue reading

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Favorite snack option

Hello, hi and welcome!   I needed a little more inspiration time then I thought. Sorry for that! But this post is about something I really believe in. Do you have this nasty little cravings about 4 to 5 pm? … Continue reading

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NEWS: my own “column”

Hi everyone I’ve been writing articles for years now. I’m proud to announce: A week ago I started my own column for the local paper “K├╝snachter”. That’s why I hadn’t the time to post so much on my blog. New … Continue reading

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3 super foods I couldn’t live without…

Here they are: Coconut water, chia seeds & goji berries Coconut water is water under the bridge… I know. But I before I got to this label I tasted a lot of coconut waters. Some of them taste awful, really… … Continue reading

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Tomato casserole light

Hello out there! Weekend is over. We had a blast, right: We ate what we had a craving for, we drank a little, we danced, we probably even worked out, but… We’re scaling a little more on monday, aren’t we? … Continue reading

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Apple Cider Vinegar 2

Hi! One of my first posts were about the benefits of apple cider vinegar. Here’s a new SHAPE- article about seven of them. What I like the most about this article beside it’s informations?  It proves the reliability, honesty … Continue reading

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Banana bread a bit different

Hello! I was standing in front of our fruit bowl at home, looking at two pretty ripe bananas. I’m not so much into bananas… So what to do with them? YES! Banana bread!!! So I searched the internet for ideas … Continue reading

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