NEWS: my own “column”

Hi everyone

I’ve been writing articles for years now. I’m proud to announce: A week ago I started my own column for the local paper “Küsnachter”.
That’s why I hadn’t the time to post so much on my blog.
New posts are about to come, I promise!
Here’s my article, in german (my actual motherlanguage).

Have fun, stay fit, happy and healthy!



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Polish… Nail Polish

Hello everyone!


I allowed myself a summer break. Now I’m back and the kids have to go back to school so do the teachers. In the meanwhile I was studying for my Pilates degree and did  a few workouts, power yoga included. A post about power yoga is coming up soon. Anyway.

Summer time reminds very woman of their toenails and that they need as much – or during summer even more – attention as every other, more public inch of our body.
I’m not into pedicure or manicure. I don’t wanna spend hours in a beauty salon while the sun is shining and everyone sips a cool drink on the beach or in a fancy bar. So I went on search for e nail polish, which should (be): – simple to apply
– last more than 3 days without flaking off
– have a nice texture

We all know O.P.I. or Essie. But there’s a rather new brand (in switzerland) called: Sally Hansen. The problem is: You won’t get it in every store. I found a nice selection in the drug store in Küsnacht. I bought a nude colour, because that matches every outfit.

I applied to layers (not using a top coat or base coat). That was even easy for me. It had this gel-texture like look, which I adore.
So… It looked great, but I doubted, that the polish would last longer than a few days with pool sessions, workouts, socks, sandals…
Well, well… I was wrong. It looked great for two weeks! I was positively surprised and really happy!
And I can tell you: The Sally Hansen “miracle gel” polish lasts great on your fingernails too! It’s a great product; easy to apply, long-lasting, nice texture. I’d recommend it to every of my girlfriends.

Oh! And there’s an extra now. Sally Hansen has a top polish, which makes the look even more “voluminous”. I’m happy to announce: I’m hereby a Sally Hansen Fan!

Go and check it out! Have fun!

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Zurich’s finest

Hello from and to Zurich

No, this post won’t be about food, beauty or a workout.

Today I wanna write about all the nice (new) things Zurich has to offer.
Workouts, nutrition, fashion, beauty – I love these topics, but I’m living a beautiful life in Zurich, for which I’m very thankful for: I work as a teacher in a school and at weekends and a few nights during the week I truly enjoy this wonderful city with it’s great spirit.

It is a comparatively small city, but as you will realise, when you’re stay here for a few days, you got cool fashion shops, malls, clubs, restaurants, coffee shops, jewelry and gift shops near by. It maybe seems boring, but this city is developing non-stop. Sometimes I’m surprised how such a small city is able to keep up with large cities. Sure you can’t compare Zurich to New York, but there’s this business-minded, stressed, hip spirit mixed with the gracious and healthy living.
That’s why a group of girl, including me, met each other, when there boys were in France visiting the European soccer championship.
This fact shows, how young women in Zurich live these days: They stay together, laugh together, talk about serious topics as the world’s problems or fears, the have a few drinks by the way and enjoy the security of this town even in the nights.

But now I lost track of what I really wanted to post. Anyway… Here are a few of my favorite spots in Zurich:


Restaurants/Bars/Coffee shops:

Puro: Just opened it’s doors a few weeks ago, serves healthy food, has a terrace.

Apo-theke: A little coffee shop close to the university of Zurich, where the hipster and  health-consious students grab their coffee or lunch.

Milchbar: a nice, small, self-served coffee shop. I love the atmosphere there.

AURA: a upper class restaurant with asian fusion food. Pretty expensive, but delicious. Has a bar and a club too.

Latino: one of my favorites when it comes to italian food. Not in the “business district”, but in the hip and pretty expensive part of Zurich called “Seefeld”. Very good food, fair prices (for Zurich…). It’s a hotel too.

Tiffins: Also in the “Seefeld” you’ll find a great asian restaurant, but the atmosphere there is not as comforting as their food. But still: Once a month you’ll find me there.

Seerose: By the lake, for all of you who want to spend a little more money on good food, there’s the restaurant Seerose. People also get there with their boats.

Ojo de agua: As it’s name says: an Argentinean restaurant with only a few meals, high quality meat of the owner’s beef. Small place!!

Madonna: a restaurant with black/dark interior, good Italian food and a small terrace just by the Sihl (a creek).



Jelmoli (mall): You’ll find a wonderful food section, a big beauty and jewelry section, a floor for mens fashion, one for women, ZARA has a little shop there, you can buy high standards for your bedroom and bath and there’s a really cool and big section with everything a sports fan wants, even a small Nike store.

Brandy melville: Has a store by the “Hechtplatz”. I like their style, but most of the clothes are not really made for work.

Scotch & Soda: Store near by the “Bellevue”. Cool stuff, nice store.

Ana Blum: Is a little boutique in the district of Seefeld, where you find nice leather bags for a very good price, accessories, purses, make-up bags and some clothes or interiors. This store is a insider’s tip, for real. 

The “Niederdorf”, the historic town of Zurich, has a few small, relatively unpopular stores, in which you’ll find nice clothes and shoes. On “Bahnhofstrasse” you’ll find all the big names; Louis Vuitton, TODS, PRADA, Rolex, ZARA, Mango, H&M, Thomas Sabo, Massimo Dutti and so on and so forth.

But the store, you really have to visit, is: EnSoie. It has established it’s own, recognizable style of porcellan, fashion and jewelry. If you wear their clothes, jewelry or you own an Ensoie-vase or plate, every Zurcher (as we call ourselfs) will recognize it. This is a must. But expensive. The family opended a few years ago a second store in LA.


I visited a few cities in Europe and North America. But none of them is as small, but international as Zurich. This is my home, this is where I come from and what feels like home. And… My family name means: I’m a citizen of Zurich. So… What do you expect?


Map of Zurich (District 1)






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Cindarella moment

Hi there!

The sun was shining, the temperature was nice, we were in a good mood and hit the city today.

One of our “shops to visit” was the nike store in Jelmoli… There I fall in love with an amazing pair of shoes… Seen, bought, worn!!!

Nike releases this colour only once in a few years. And even the shops can’t tell when these kind of shoes come or how many of them they’ll get. Yesterday there was a long line waiting to grab a pair of those… I got them today, peacefully and only because of my small feet! So…

If you see them, fall in love with them… They’re totally worth buying! These shoes are the it-piece of the moment!!


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3 super foods I couldn’t live without…

CocoChiaGojiHere they are:

Coconut water, chia seeds & goji berries

Coconut water is water under the bridge… I know. But I before I got to this label I tasted a lot of coconut waters. Some of them taste awful, really… A friend of mine I often come across in the gym told me to go with this label. It was the best, she said. And it’s true.
Coconut water shouldn’t be mixed up with coconut milk! It contains between 16 and 18 calories per 100ml and the taste is mild. The juice originates from the young, green coconut. It’s perfect as a thirst quencher after a workout because it’s the natural version of any isotonic drink and therefore much healthier.

Chia seeds... You probably heard a lot about those small, black seeds which are similar to poppy seeds. I love to add them to a yogurt or put them over my avocado (after having placed them in a little water, so they swell). The taste not very specifically, but their benefits are great: high in omega 3 fats, contain magnesium, kalium and iron, they have twice as much protein then any other grain types.

Last but not least: My beloved goji berries. Aw, the taste sweet. But they also contain sugar, natural sugar because you buy them in the dried version. Anyhow. In this case sugar is ok, because the benefits are just to good to be true: vitamin C, E and iron are contained. They could prevent you from macular degeneration and the support those cells which fight cancer cells. So… Tasty and that good for your immune system?! Just awesome, right? BUT: They have to be organic!!!!
So I shared my  secret health boosters with you.

I hope you like them or try them sooner or later!

Take care!



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Bikini shopping in Ascona

Hi there!


I just came back from a short trip with my beloved “Mamita” (that’s what I call her). We stayed in nice Hotel by the lake in Ascona. The little village by the lake “Lago Maggiore” belongs to the Italian speaking part of Switzerland, where the weather is much better and the people less stressed.
We enjoyed the sun, the high temperature, good food and the “piazza”, where we strolled this morning to digest the heavenly brunch.

Since two or three years there’s a little shop called “Magnolia Beach Shop”. It sells a huge amount of lovely bikinis and beach wear. If you were looking for flip-flops , you’ll find it there. If you were looking for a nice “toga” to cover the bikini, you’ll need some time to make the right choice. Every single piece looks great, the materials are really good and the prices are not that high. Honestly, they are great.

Every time I’m in Ascona, I go there. The owner is a wonderful and gentle woman with great taste (in my opinion). The atmosphere is just… nice! You feel so amazed when looking through all those bikinis, togas, flip-flops,  beach bags and accessories. Oh dear… I have to admit: I just loooove this tiny store.

Take a look!

IMG_1544 IMG_1545

I mean… You’re just happy looking at those colours and then the selection of clothes… Just: Wow!

So: If you’re going to stay in Ascona or near by, make the experience of shopping a bikini or something else in the “Magnolia Beach Shop”. It’s a beach clothes’ paradise!
The pictures are telling it, right?

And if you’re interested, but you know, you won’t hit that place… Don’t be sad. Even tough you can’t experience the store “live”, you’re able to rummage in their online-shop:


Have fun scrolling through the store soon or through their online store!




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Build strengh, get lean & use your major muscles

Hi there!

I reflected intensly about posting this here. It’s nothing new, it’s nothing special, but I’m convinced by it and would recommend it even to my girlfriends. Therefore I decided to write about it.

Since a few weeks I participate in a group fitness class every sunday. I never thought I would do that: all these people, not much space, a lot of sweat, no idea about the moves. But at the time when I tried to persuade my boyfriend to purchase a suscription for the gym, I needed a good argument. I knew “Bodypump” a little. He too. So I proposed to join the Bodypump class with him, so we would spend time together, had more fun during the workout and could motivate each other.
It worked…


What’s “Bodypump”?
As the word reveals it’s about a full body muscle workout. A step, a barbell and different weights is all you need and all of that stuff you’ll get at the gym. During 55 minutes you’ll train every major muscle while performing pretty simple exercises, which are shown by the instructor. You’re able to choose the weight you’re sure to be able to handle during the sets. Triceps, biceps, legs, back and shoulders get lean and toned in separate sets and accompanied by good, motivating songs.

What are the benefits?
You’ll have to face a lot of repetitions, but that’s exactly what you need to do, if you wanna get in shape. This is just the issue everyone has during musle workouts: We don’t push ourselves to the limit, when we’re doing our workouts alone. A class is therefore the best thing: You can’t walk away, you’re not giving up so quickly, you’re sure to work out during a certain period of time with concentration and very focussed. And that’s what you need to get toned and lean.

How does it work?
Your instructor stands in front of the class performing every exercise and giving advices how to do them right and how much weight beginners should take. He or she’s the one, who also tells you how fast or slow you have to perform the exercises. It’s simple, you’ll get it during the first session. I did too.

I love workouts, I do a lot of cardio and Pilates. But I need Bodypump to be sure to reach my limits once a week and train like “Hulk said” (another post of mine); hard, longer, in sets, with concentration and focussed on what I do and how.
The best thing is the feeling after the session. You’ll feel your muscle and you’re tired. Your muscles ask for recovery. You know what you’ve done and how hard you worked out – this feeling is great. And on top: Your mood will hit it’s  daily high, that I can promise!

Try it! Maybe you like it, maybe it’s not yours.
I have fun, I feel results and I would, as I said, recommend it to my best friend.


“See” you soon!



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