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Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let your hair down!

Hello Today’s all about beautiful, strong, shiny, healthy hair. I found an incomparable shampoo and conditioner. As you assume: It costs a lot more than the usual products. BUT, and you know I always have my budget in mind, it’s … Continue reading

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Favorite snack option

Hello, hi and welcome!   I needed a little more inspiration time then I thought. Sorry for that! But this post is about something I really believe in. Do you have this nasty little cravings about 4 to 5 pm? … Continue reading

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Tomato casserole light

Hello out there! Weekend is over. We had a blast, right: We ate what we had a craving for, we drank a little, we danced, we probably even worked out, but… We’re scaling a little more on monday, aren’t we? … Continue reading

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Banana bread a bit different

Hello! I was standing in front of our fruit bowl at home, looking at two pretty ripe bananas. I’m not so much into bananas… So what to do with them? YES! Banana bread!!! So I searched the internet for ideas … Continue reading

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Healthy Dinner

Hello! Since three weeks I’ve got a little Pomeranian puppy of 5 months. Makes a bunch of work, I tell you!! That’s why I kept you waiting for a new post for so long. I’m sorry! But I have a … Continue reading

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Mango and pancake

Hi! Sometimes I wake up and I feel like I really need something for breakfast which makes my happy and fuels my body the right way. So I often go for a pancake with mango. And this is how I … Continue reading

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